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wow thats quite a background for such a young person as your self, Hi I'm sergio and I'm only 18
hello, fellow food lovers. I would like to first say that like most of you here I have the passion for the culinary field and the dedication to suceed. Now for the facts, I'm curently in the process of attending culinary school it is a cordon bleu certified school in California. I welcome questions, comments and most importantly advice. :chef:
Hello, I'm new to this and well all this talk about passion and money has me a little confused because like any other future chef I've done my research on the career ahead of me, and some say the money is not that good and the hrs. are long and very harsh. other sites say that chefs make good money and the job market it booming. I know I have the passion that is why I'm choosing my career as a chef but all the conflicting information has my head spinning. :crazy:
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