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Nice...that is a very detailed design. I am curious, you worked at The Plaza, do you know Jeffery Jacobs?
[quote=oldschool1982;140759]Here here! As I said before I have worked with many and there were some of Hispanic descent, but I wouldn't trade a handful of these motivated "immigrants" for a battalion of non immigrant workers in some/many cases. I COULD NOT AGREE MORE.
The key is eating in moderation and living a healthy lifestyle and excercise regularly. Don't we ALL know that!:lol:
In my opinion reputation/experience is vital in our industry. You need to associate yourself with the finest reputable establishments. Those establishments that have great reputation either in reviews such as Conde Nast or Travel and Leisure-reputable for their service and quality-5 star eatablishments. Positions mean nothing- I know of Executive Sous Chef's in great establishments being paid more that Executive Chefs of other properties. They know that they can get a...
I work for a Hotel Management company and am currently Executive Chef of a hotel at the Jersey shore. We manage several hotels currently in our portfolio and am constantly looking for 'talents' to join us. Current openings of Banquet Chef in South Carolina, Restaurant Chef in Jersey and various other positions. E-mail at:
He is a 'down to earth person'. Have not so called 'worked' with him but he attended our Winter Wine Festival a couple times and I attended the ones he organized at Sarasota. I assume you are from the CIA.
Frederick Morineau is the Chef. I know him. I have cooked there before, 2 times during their wine festival.
Kuan, thanks for the welcome. Looking forward to contributing to the forum and meeting people that are PASSIONATE about food.
I was filmed at The Great Chefs of the Caribbean. The green book 'Great Chefs of the Caribbean' had my dish on the front cover.
Which Ritz in Florida...?hmmmm less that 5 it Orlando?
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