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Hey thanks. I have another question for you. was the school alot of hands on work?? because that is what i am looking for.
Hey just wondering if any of you have gone to the Le Cordon bleu school in Pittsburgh. (Penn culinary Institute)? If you could give me any input on what you thought of it. If it is hard to get into, because i know you have do a interview. Basically any information you could give me about the school that the website wouldnt give me, I would really appreciate. Thanks!
hey thanks
Hey magpie. I am in college right now as a travel and tourism major. I have switched my major 3 times in the last year, because i didnt have a clue what i wanted to do. But after thinking about what i really have enjoyed over the years. Which was being a frycook for a local resturant. I decided next year i want to go to culinary school, learn some skills and make a living from being a cook. I am glad i finnaly figured out what i want to do with my life. And Congradulations...
Hi everyone. my name is jason and i am from PA. I have been a frycook for the past few years while in high school at a locale resturant. LOL. i know i am bottom of the s*&% pile. I am now attending college for travel and tourism and i will finish up the degree this summer, then i want to attend Penn tech for the culinary school there. If any of you have any information or suggestions about that school or others i would appreciate it. Currently though i am a dishwasher at...
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