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I have been assigned the task of coming up with a christmas salad for our dinner this sunday (only time the entire family will be together). I am not sure where I want to go with it, but I'd like it to lean towards the fine dining style. The main course will be an American-Italian style food that will most likely be an abundance of tomato sauce. I'd like to include vegetables that are fall/winter harvest if possible. Any ideas?
Interesting question, although I don't think the poll options (or really any poll options) can fully answer this question. First and foremost, I think it is the customer's responsibility to watch out for their own allergies. If you have a peanut allergy, don't order a PB&J, don't order Pad Thai, don't order Kung Pao Chicken. Common sense, but it really seems to be forgotten nowadays. Secondly, I do think a server should be helpful to the customer to find a meal that...
I recently checked out a band that was coming through Baltimore for the recommendation of a friend who saw them play in Detroit a couple years prior. It was a small venue, but they totally rocked it out & I ended up buying their CD ( which is quite an accomplishment since I download all my music). The name of the band is Back Door Slam and they play like jimi hendrix, eric clapton and stevie ray vaughn had a love child. Definitely worth checking out.
I am going to try to make cannolis for the first time for a friends birthday and probably make some extra for thanksgiving as well. Since I am an amateur and this is my first attempt, I had a couple questions for those of you more in the know. 1. I have a pizelle maker and a great recipe from my grandmother (she is from Torino). I can grab the recipe if y'all want to take a peak. I was going to make the pizelles for the shells and just curl them up when they are still...
I was thinking more for theory than individual recipes. Find out what sort of ingredients work together that one wouldn't normally think to pair together. I wouldn't expect people to live off of bacon ice cream or anything crazy like that.
I just saw this article on about Molecular Gastronomy and Hervé This. Very interesting read. Anybody hear about this sort of stuff or have any of his books? The Father of Molecular Gastronomy Whips Up a New Formula EDIT: Here are some of his books on Molecular Gastronomy: Exploring the Science of Flavor Kitchen Mysteries: Revealing the Science of Cooking In the Kitchen with Pierre Gagniere and Louis XIV
As a semi-nascar fan, I root for Gibbs racing b/c I am a redskins fan. I kinda wish Jr. would of ended up with Gibbs. Denny, Stewart & Jr. would of been a killer combo
I found the Washington Post's comparison:
I am an Italian as well, and they don't offer a huge selection around my grocery stores, but the best bang for the buck is the Goya. I never tried it until The Washington Post had an olive oil review and rated that as one of the better oils.
Interesting read, but I am disappointed nothing around my way (Baltimore or Washington DC) made the cut.
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