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i would need to add more liquid or another acid to activate the baking powder. I guess a little orange juice would work. No more than a 1/4c would be needed to get like 2 tsp of baking powder going.
Ok, I'm looking for more of a cake-like browny here. I've upped the eggs and the flour while reducing the sugar which'll both dry it out and give it structure from the eggs. I've also changed some of the mixing methods around to mirror cake mixing methods. Anyway, if you find something wrong with it, tell me. I'm looking for constructive criticism here. Semi sweete chocolate - 1lb Unsalted butter - 1 lb Eggs - 12 Granulated sugar - 12 oz AP Flour - 1lb 12oz Vanilla...
isn't that the only piece of jewlery allowed
a young, edgy bake shop... I'm screwed.
i take the spike out during work, it's not there to look good. If i take the bar out, the hole'll close up and I'd have to repierce it which is no good. Yes it goes from the outside to the inside of my mouth where it nestles inbetween the lip and the gumline. Yes, i play with it, but that's a part of the fun.
eww. People who gauge their ears out and then take out the O-ring look funny. The hole reminds me of a cat's butthole.
Wouldn't i have to be inches away from the eye or the flat top for it to conduct enough heat to burn me? Anyway, I work cold station and prep, so that's a non-issue.
oh BOH, most def. I wouldn't have even considered this a possibility if i worked FOH
i recently pierced my labre (it's something i had to do for myself... personal reasons) and i've been wondering how it'll go in the kitchen. I know ear rings and tongue rings are allowed, but a labre is slightly different. This isn't the first time i've had it pierced and from experience i can safely say that they are sanitary. I gargle with antiseptic and keep alcohol on the opening till it closes. They don't weep because of the bar and the alcohol helps prevent them...
I still live pretty analogue for the modern world, so i gotta get the picture developed, but it's just white italian buttercream with a raspberry in the middle. Simple and understated. The falvor is what really sold the cake, it was a mix of apricot filling and grande mariner over a simple american sponge cake. it doesn't take out of place ingredients to make an out of this world cake
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