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Any of you ever have dreams about food? I dreamt once that I walked into an ice cream parlour, and the girl at the counter presented me with a shaved ice drink. It consisted simply of lemon juice (the pure juice, not lemonaide) mixed with equal parts of maple syrup. I actually tried it! It was pretty good.
You mean McDonalds was more your style!:)
What's the most expensive restaurant meal you've ever had--and was it worth it? A few years ago, my brother-in-law treated us to Ruth Chris Steakhouse. There were, I recall, six of us, and the bill came to something like $300. Fortunately, he paid! Was it worth it? Yes, I'd say it was. Also, my girlfriend and I ate at a restaurant in London. (Forget the name.) That bill came to 60 pounds--about $100 (the exchange rate was better, then). I'd say that was worth it.
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