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well the worst experience for me by far stood out above any other time. me and my girlfriend went out to a restaurant one night, and it was pretty quiet so we expected fast service, though never dining here befor we did not know what to expect. we sat down and waited for the wait staff to greet us, after 30 secons we realised that you had to go to the counter to order. we then orderd a garlic bread to begin with and then i orderd a rump steak (med rare) and my girlfreind...
wow you guys are great, but i have another question. what are the 14 methods if someone could list them that would be great
im having trouble useing the right words when it comes to methods of cookery and i was wondering if you guys could help me out. afetr thinking about how i could ask you guys i figured it would be best to just ask for the defenitions of these things. stewing braising steaming poaching grilling frying baking and roasting. ill give you guys an example on the info i need. poaching: a fast, wet cooking method, useing a pan. could you guys fill me in with the...
im looking for some really sexy ideas to makes some sauces that i can not only use in the kitchen but also bottle and sell. iv already made a few tomato relishes, a plum sauce and a mango and lime salsa. i need some really trippy ideas, go nuts
wonderful! I am currently holding a chillie challenge at my work, basicly the challenger gets a big bowl of pasta that has pepperoni, heaps of jalapenos, birdseye chillie, black egyption chillies, chillie sauce chillie flakes and once my plants are ready they will have habaneros in there. i reduce the **** out of it to the point were it is almost radioactive. if they can eat it in five minuts they get a free pint of beer :beer: and there name on a chalk bourd with the...
i like furi and global knives, whats your opinion on the best knives, furi is a little soft, so it does need sharpening more often but it makes up for it with its comfort. i cant pick a flaw in global knives though, i think they are the best
Scoville Scale, how is that pronouced? thank you for the help, Jacaranda. i will try and track down those seeds asap.
i started tafe not long ago. the first year is stocks and soups wich isnt bad, but it gets really good but the 3rd year
try a tondori and cream base, i sell one like that in my restaurant, then but chicken, mushrooms and capsicum on it.
im starting to grow chillies and i wanna know whats the hottest chillie you guys know of, ill track down the seeds from somewere. at the moment the hottest i can find is black egyption chillies. BTW i live in australia, so that might minamize my options
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