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Kitchen untensils might quiet unwilling assistant trainees dish
I was having a rather emotional day, I mis read a recipe and put 4 quarts of vinegar when it should have been 4 cups ( I was making our house dressing) never emusified.
My Mother made the most fantastic fried chicken I have ever eaten..and her potato salad was simple in it's ingredients but oh so good. To this day everyone in my family makes their potato salad the very same way. 5# Yukon Gold potatoes ~unpeeled ~ cooked till you can stick a fork in them chill in refrigerator ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ grated onion, celery & carrots 4 - 5 T mayo (hellman's) 3 - 4 T water 3 - 4 T white vinegar salt & pepper to taste ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ peel & cut...
they may be certifiable but this little thread put a chuckle in my day :crazy:
Not exactly a recipe but how I like to eat: steam veggies, broccoli, a pan I toast some flax seed, throw in mushrooms, red or yellow peppers an any other vegetables I have on hand..garlic, paprika and a little nutritional yeast good.
I am 52...4 months shy of 53.
Breakfast was whey protein shake....lunch slightly more adventerous: steamed broccoli, sweet potato, orange pepper, baby bellas and Boca "ground beef"..for dinner I made chicken salad on toasted gluten free bread and baby spinach leaves.
Just a good old cup of coffee..
The restaurant I work for is only open if there is an event, i.e. a hockey game and or a concert, so our guest count depends on how well our hockey team is doing or who is playing at the arena. With the superbowl however we will be open every day for lunch & dinner in the week leading up to the big game, the owner is hoping that brings a huge turn out. I hope so too, that means I make big $$$$.
Wow..incredible breakfast foods...Sunday..going out for breakfast, probably a little dive diner that has a dish on the menu that I like..dinner is still up in the air, but maybe I'll make something snazzy.
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