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I can never understand how people can tell a swine flu from any other kind of flu just by a quick glance. It boggles the mind. Such inexpensive advertising for those that are profiting from this all. It's amazing how a few motivated people can literally turn black into white by stretching & twisting the truth about something to the point where others avalanche the lie. I'll bet we could even convince people that cow farts hurt the world unless people pay us more tax money...
I like the meat mixed with minced lemongrass, shallots, garlic, fish sauce, and a little bit of minced Thai chiles. Cooked medium, with a dollop of Sriracha and wrapped in a piece of lettuce. Spicy and so juicy this way.
Squalene (shark liver oil). That doesn't make it sound so bad, kinda like fish oil. Omega 3s right? I've heard bad things about squalene--controversy about it causing autoimmune disorder, sterility, and death due to cytokine storm. It seems very very suspicious to me how a bird virus, a pig virus, and the 1918 flu virus can all combine all of a sudden out of nowhere in this day and age where genetic modification is now possible and common. There's just too much profit to...
Thanks for creating this thread. I've been wondering what to do with that tiny vial of saffron my parents sent to me when they went over seas. BDL's chicken marinade sounds like a great idea. I'm also considering some kind of frozen yogurt dessert. How do I incorporate saffron into a frozen dessert? Bloom it like earlier mentioned? And how much saffron to make, say 1 quart of ice cream/frozen yogurt?
I could be wrong, but I get the impression that the OP was only interested in promoting her website and sharing this recipe wasn't particularly sincere. Anyone know where I can buy escabeche.jpg (43004 bytes)?
Keep the stone away from water unless it is completely, 100% at room temperature. I've cracked two that way. EDIT: Son of a gun the OP hasn't posted in over 3 years!:mad:
Which place makes your favorite green curry now? I really like the green curry at the Thai place in the Pearl Highlands food court. If only they'd serve something other than chicken. I'm willing to bet 99% of all Thai places here use canned curry paste and canned coconut milk in their recipe. Making curry paste from scratch isn't all that hard, but the stuff in the can really does taste excellent as is.
My girlfriend just missed out on a sale on dragon fruit in Chinatown at $1.99 per pound. We went back the next day with $$$ to load up, but the sale was done and gone.:cry: I also wonder about the taste of Kiwanos. I see them year round but have been too cheap to pay the premium to ever give one a taste.
Wow, I don't think I've ever heard it put so accurate, yet to the point before.
The technique I use to make scrambled eggs is to first start off with the intention of making an omelet. Somehow ruin it and then be too embarrassed to serve it that way. . . then it's just a matter of doing the scrambling.:talk:
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