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Thanks for that chicken pot pie filling recipe. I made a gallon of chicken soup yesterday and it is more than the two of us can consume. What a perfect inspiration. I can't believe anybody in NY has never had chicken pot pie before. But then my ku'uipo tasted French fries for the first time in her life when she was about 16, so I guess that kind of thing is more common than I realize.
Wow. Something so intimate your shared with us! If I have it right (and I have a lot to learn), when you have somebody in your life you are so in love with, to an outside audience it can seem to them like an act; like young kids on the first date--even if it has been nearly ten years. . . Will you care to share about your significant other? It seems like you both have something rare and wonderful that most probably don't quite get. How much of an inspiration was...
This stuff is delicious! Not too sweet at all. I'm amazed this stuff isn't an ingredient in every health food snack. Does anyone else have a jar in their pantry too?
Anyone have any good Palestinian recipes?
I looked at the link. I was looking forward to some decent vegetarian recipes. I did salivate though.:D
I refrigerate my brown rice. Since the germ is not removed like with white rice, it has oils in it that will become rancid after too long. But then again, my "cool" pantry is about 78F year round.
I'm almost done with watching season 1. What a great show once you get past Chef Ramsey's insults. I have developed a great respect for him.
I usually eat them raw in Thai papaya salad.
I just finished season 4 this week. I loved it. I didn't get it before. All the words that are spewed; it's just a game. It's not personal, that's how the kitchen works.
Ok, I'm finally getting into He11's Kitchen. I've never seen any of the series before. I'm a few episodes into season 4, but which season should I watch after that? I assume I'll just go to season 1 and watch chronologically and then skip back to season 5.
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