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So this is for an Indian red curry paste?
Wow! This is and old post! Circa 2002. So what kind of recipe software are we using now, in more modern times:D? Still the old stuff?
Banana and Cashew nut Spring Rolls, White Chocolate Wasabi Fondue. Never made this recipe personally. It's not a dessert, but it does look a bit involved to make.
I am so behind on Hells Kitchen episodes I'm deliberately not watching anymore this season. All of the episodes seem to be on youtube though, I'll watch this season that way. Yay, no more **!!
Ok, I'm getting away from the indoor idea. The sun is cheaper than grow lamps, and I'll just have to figure out to overcome the whiteflys. I was thinking about this $20 model through mail order: I'd rather not spend $100 if I can help it. What do you think about this DIY setup? Looks like I could probably build a bubbler-style hydroponic setup in a food grade 5-gallon bucket for under $20. I haven't found too many DIY dutch pot websites yet....well the kind used to...
You guys are a bunch of video game addicts. The only real game worth mentioning is Burger Time! That one teaches you to cook for real!
Your above post is great debate material. I have a lot to say. Won't touch it here. Need a new thread.
I agree. You asked a particular question about an ingredient that happens to not be man made. I would definitely say you received pretentious and uptight responses. Of these you consider pretentious and uptight, we are only talking about 3 or 4 members that have posted on this thread, out of many hundreds of forum members. We three or four have a great passion about what kinds of ingredients are appropriate and inappropriate to cook with. I admit I'm one of them! I'd...
There's always indoor growing...
Wow, growing up I was taught to dig up and throw out any and all dandelions. That way, more inedible grass could grow instead!:bounce: Salad greens come from the supermarket, which get their greens from the mega-farms. Looking back I can't believe how backwards things can be.
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