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Focus does have a point. He/she asked a specific question and hasn't really received a helpful answer yet. Maybe the Koreans can help. "...Add 1.0 g of Methyl Cellulose to 100 ml of water at about 70°. Stir well, cool while shaking. and allow to stand in a cold place until it becomes a uniformly pasty solution. Use this solution as the test solution..." I'm sticking with the excuse that I was responding to Shel's question.:D Australia? Why bring that up? Do you...
I don't see any recipes here. Just links to somebodies blogs. Not to sound suspicious or anything, but isn't that how bloggers profit? When you click on their links?
I think the caviar chemical is sodium alginate IIRC. No idea about using methylcellulose when cooking. It seems to be made by mixing cellulose with drano and chloromethane. What's crazy about the stuff, from what I'm reading, is that it acts like the opposite of oil/fat, where it melts when cold and gels up when hot. It also makes you fart! It's a legal food additive in the EU, check out E461 I probably share the same unspoken feelings on cooking with these kinds of...
That is Funny! There are good pranks with telemarketers over here at Zug .com Great for a laugh once in awhile.
3 months in Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Cambodia, not so much, but if those other two places are where Stephanie has been perfecting her palette, it is over for Richard. Besides, she loves tahoe boys!
Yeah what was up with that? Hi I'm Lisa, I finished in last place. How come you aren't congratulating me?
Making this now. Is there such a thing as pho scented car-air fresheners? The apartment smells sooo good right now! Image the aroma of beef, star anise, and cinnamon. Yum!
Sorry for my rudeness.
Nice to meet you mcalenda! -OAC
Can't believe they sent Antonia home! Lisa....enough said I think. Stephanie versus Richard, for the win. You can't go wrong. Lisa has no place. Right on Richard and Stephanie!
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