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I'd like to share something revolutionary that I recently discovered. This Pasadena family captured my heart in their enthusiasm in growing. For whatever my culinary reputation is worth, I put it on the line now. You have to see this!
Translation: Carefully put on rubber gloves, and throw out the baby with the bathwater. Well...this is up to you. Rhubarb, or Da Huang, is almost more of a medicine than a food in Chinese medicine. Here's a recent guide from Jamie Oliver about using Da Huang. I would ignore Gunnar's ignorance about rhubarb if I were you. Sometimes there is more to food than the way it tastes. More about Da Huang here.
French Onion Soup Pizza? Can't go wrong there!
There are many many resources that you can use to graduate at the top of your class. Check out your local public library; perhaps they have a website. There are more books written about food and cooking that can be read by one person in a lifetime! Choose carefully. Which school are you considering? Don't let the notion that you are not in cooking class hold you back. I'm sure there is a kitchen where you live right? This is complete culinary freedom! Have fun...
Yes, Luc_H, we are now counting on you to pioneer Poutine Pizza! Please post before and after pics! BTW the first time I ever tasted Poutine was at a gas station in Australia!
I'd like to echo pesto. A good one will make your customers forget there is such a thing as tomato-based pizza sauce. Trying to think of a recipe...just make a typical pesto, and add minced pineapple and minced thai chili Guarantee tomato sauce won't be missed.
Welcome to the forum! Oxtail Risotto? I might be able to relate. There is Hawaiian oxtail stew. I wonder, what kind of seasonings do you use in your risotto? Your version sounds delicious, exotic, and exquisite!
Interesting. My girlfriend grew up eating beans only in desserts, She can't eat them any other way. Ever see someone eat a bowl of chili while carefully spitting out every single bean? :D Bizarre!
Dim makes it on video here. Since it's summer, I also vote for shaved ice with coconut, fruits, beans, etc. like in bingsu.
Same here.
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