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Has the party happened yet? I want to suggest manapua! It's like a Hawaiian Dim Sum, and you can fill them with purple sweet potato, char siu, pork hash, chicken curry, etc. I like this manapua website, for explanation.
I remember seeing this exact same recipe for Tongan Lau Lau in the newspaper years ago. (Unfortunately, the Honolulu Advertiser's website search engine stinks.) I even remember making that Lupulu recipe from the article. It was fun, and I had no idea what I was doing. It tasted good to me, I guess, after all I am familiar with what Hawaiian Laulau tastes like. I relate this to how my girlfriend--born and raised in Thailand, must feel when she sees somebody attempt to...
Welcome! Welcome to our forum where we all contribute worldwide! I look forward to hearing from you!
Korean food is so good! Bulgogi--I am just learning how to make. If you really want to learn Korean, try making your own Kimchee. Miso soup is Japanese. Do you like Bi Bim Bap? This is my favorite!
As an ignorant customer, I would much, much rather consume wild-caught fish over farm raised. They surely must be healthier! I can't quote any particular study that emphasizes the benefits, but then a study is only as good as its funder. :D How would God prefer we eat them?
I often shop at Pacific Supermarket, they have great prices on fresh produce and fish, if you don't mind all the birds flying around in the overhead:smoking:. The nearest pho restaurant is a couple of blocks away; it stands alone in a shopping center with no less than 4 Philippino "restaurants :eek:"
Thank you, I appreciate this honor. I served in the US navy for 9 years, aboard a submarine.:lips:
This thread, originally is circa 2004. And 4 years later, unearthed, scrubbed clean, sliced and sizzled. Good stuff here!
Holy crap! Thanks for the intimate ride through stir fry! While I still struggle and stumble through the dynamic experience that is a good stir fry--you manage to put it all into words, and eloquently at that. Thanks!:D
This advice is gold--every sentence! This kind of reply should not be glanced over like any other! Thank you boar_d_laze for free culinary diamonds! Perhaps you might consider putting each sentence into its own chapter and then marketing it all into a lovely book?
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