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Yeah i can sure go for some of that, just about now. that sounds delicious.
I have many friends that went to that school, and by the way they cook I can tell you that they sure waisted their time( joking) :) We'll its is upto you and how much you are willing to get out of it, you waist your time only if you don't take full advantage of what you purchased. if you absolutely adore cooking, and can't see your self doing anything else but that? than is time to take it up to the next level. :roll:
MY Idea of a great chef is one that has earned his merrits by working himself up the ranks, and truly values the hard work of his brothers in the kitchen evrything else is secondary.
Hey, that is pretty good for an amature recording, what is the brand of the video camera that you used? I like the quality.
Basically fryer guyers like i call them are like in the worse position, specially if your in a joint that has like a gazillion fry appetizers in the menu. just take like 20 tablets of codeine(or smoke crack), before you go into work and the scolding oil wont hurt a bit. the possitive of it, is that... *thinking*.. sorry can't think of anything else, just got of a fry-shift and this codeine has me stupid. :smiles:
If they were good to you than you should tell them, if they were *ssh*les than it was karma, nothing you could do about it. Karma rules.
stuff them with fresh herbs than drown them in a deep pot filled with cold olive oil, and cook at 250 slowly until the bone almost come off the meat. pulled them out when done, and baste them with a red wine, teriaky, mandarin juice, challots cilantro, apricot chutney glaze that you'll have prepared. let them sit in the fridge for about 1/2 an hour, than broil until golden crisp. the tasty will blow your senses
I don't think you really need a cook book to infuze oils, just make a trip to your local market and see whats available to you, and just pick and chose, I would throw some small peppers and and pepper corns into the mix for variety. just use your imagination. my friends are not worth the trouble, I would just go to target. Sounds like a nice gift though.
I would say "Chef" from South Park ofcourse :lol:
Hi just wanted to introduce myself my name is Sebastian and currently I'm a student at CIA, looking forward to be part of this community.:bounce:
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