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"I salute all you chefs out there for your hard work and dedication." Thanks! At least someone appreciates. :smiles:
To teach at the college level, the CCC designation is required.
Rivitman, you're only earning $25k USD per year to be the head chef of a busy kitchen?!?!!? I find that very hard to believe...I did not realize that the salaries in the states are so out of whack with the rest of the world. Chefs in Canada, that run reputable, busy kitchens have been known to earn upwards of $50000 per year, plus bonuses, perks and benefits! Pack your bags! :crazy: Running a restaurant in a metropolitan setting can net you $100K plus.
I used to use Sweet Streets petit fours for my dessert course for golf tournaments at my club. They were DECADENT to say the least!
"...Well, I know I'm getting a 4GB SD card..." I've got one of those coming in the mail...bought a Sony Ericsson W810i, it came with one of those in a mail-in offer! WOOT!! I would like a new computer, cause the one I'm using is crap...maybe a nice dual core unit with a 22" LCD monitor!
"...Sometimes I fear that one needs more tenacity than talent... :o " I think this statement is true for 90% of the food critics and writers out there.
Is that in FRONT of the TV? :lol:
Word. Quote for truth!
It certainly couldn't hurt. If you appear earnest enough, and plan a well timed meeting with the Chef, I'm sure you would get taken on in some capacity. ****, throwing yourself at the mercy of a restaurant is basically how we all got started. I personally threw myself under Red Lobster's dish machine back in 1989. :lol:
You may very well be disruptive, on a subconscious're only may not even realize you're doing it. I ended a job in this manner, so i feel your pain.
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