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Exact-O knives for cutting garnishes, a rubber mallet for pounding out meats because it's smoother surface won't tear the wax paper I wrap meats in and the rubber mallet gives me better control.
Sounds like a mistake to me. Did you find the recipe on-line? Chances are they put in one symbol that didn't translate in the display font so it came out as Omega. Omega is used in mathematics, physics, electronics and so forth I have never ever seen it in a recipe and doubt it's presence in the recipe you found meant anything relevant to the recipe. For a great meatless chili that's easy, easy, easy to make... 2 cans black beans, drained and rinsed 2 cans Bush's...
Louisiana hot sauce is a type of hot sauce. There are loads of them on the market but, the "original" is apparently made by Bruce Foods. The Bruce Foods one is the one I use most often just because it is at my little market where I shop. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louisiana_Hot_Sauce I meant to say wash canned black beans in a collander a la Rachel Ray. :lol: It is just faster to use canned beans than cook them yourself unless you make a large batch and refrigerate it.
"Louisiana" Brown Rice and Black Beans Make the rice according to the package usually two cups of water for 1 cup of rice, when rice is just "al dente" add in about 1 1/2 to 2 cups of washed black beans, 1 tbsp of brown sugar, 1 veined/chopped habanero pepper and 1 tbsp of Louisiana hot sauce and stir. Once rice is done fold in snipped parsely and add a little salt and pepper to taste after plating. You can also add grilled or sauteed andouille sausage for a good entree...
It is good luck and I have had it happen a few times. It makes for tasty eggs over medium. :) I once cracked an egg and found a partially developed, I guess the proper term would be, chick fetus inside. That was a little less cool. I didn't eat eggs for a really long time after that.
Finally finding a profession big enough for my massive "planet killer" sized ego. :lol: But seriously folks I'm here all week, please try the Coq au vin! Honestly I do like that aspect of it all though. You can be a huge prima donna or a humble grind and the proof is in the food. No amount of trash talk can fix a bad Creme Brulée and if your food is good you don't have to try and convince people they will know. What I guess I mean is the diversity of the people in the...
Just curious as to why you are removing the chicken fat just to add oil, do you prefer the taste of the olive oil, want to control the color/flavor, etc.? What kind of tomatoes; diced, whole, stewed, sliced? I'm sorry it sounds tasty and really simple so that's why I'm asking. *** Last night I made herb crusted chicken with home fries which was uber tasty! Tonight I am wrapping chicken breasts in bacon to sautee. I will season/rub them with a little thyme, parsely,...
Cilantro is awesome! I couldn't make Chicken Adobada without it, for that matter I couldn't make pico de gallo without it, heck I couldn't make half my dishes without it.
Seared Salmon Filets with a Spicy Brown Mustard and Capers reduction sauce -would need to buy stock. Served with Crab, Edamame, Celery and Mung Bean Sprout Salad dressed with Mayo and Habanero Ketchup dressing. How's that sound?
1) Port of Red/White Wine 2) Beef Wellington - I never get it exactly right.
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