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here are a few " we're on a tight budget, how much less would it be if we served stale crackers?" "We have a crowd ranging from all aspects of the culinary galaxy. We like true gourmet ,but a lot of the folks wont appreciate it and we need to cater to everyone" it takes all types to make the world go 'round!! auntie of two
thanks tigerwoman. i am a member of catersource and didn't have that info. auntie
thanks - I really looking for places to list my website (that I am paying for) on other sites for free that will link people to my site. For instance if someone searched for a CT. caterer and a site came up listing caterers witht heir contact info - hopefully that makes better sense! :look: anyone know of sites or how to search for that? thanks.
I am trying to get my catering business off the ground and wonder if anyone knows of some websites that are free - for listing my catering business? or a good way to search...I have found some in other areas, particularly out west, but nothing too much here in CT. thanks, auntie.
is anyone familiar with catering kitchen rentals? I am just starting out and not able to pay the going rates for a full kitchen. i have heard of places that rent by percentage of sales, hourly, weekly, etc Does anyone have any good advice on how not to lose my shirt in rental cost? I am in central CT thanks, auntie of two
glad to be here with you all. Graduate of New England Culinary Institute and caterer - I love it. I have been in catering for about 20 years in many different capacities. I recently started my own catering business in CT and I am sure I will be using you all as a resource in the near future. Hopefully it can be mutually beneficial. Happy New Year! :chef: auntie of two
chanmarie, any luck in finding a commercial kitchen to rent? I am looking in Manchester/Hartford, CT area and would love to knwo what you found out. auntie of two
Shamrock, Are you still looking to start up in CT? I'm interested in talking to you. auntie of two :chef:
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