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Eggs Benedict are tied for first place with large waffles with lots of maple syrup.
OMG, now I've got a craving for sloppy joes.  Another gourmet dish from childhood.
Those Scotch brite things are color-coded.  White is least abrasive (I think), then pink, then blue or green.  Don't quote me on the order, but this is the general idea.
hello again i had my surgery and arm is in the cast more trouble than ithought it was going to be sorry no caps and punct very glad i did all that cooking and freezing had potato leek soup and salad and choc bread pudding for dinner thanks for all moral support
I've had to replace almost all my pots and pans since going to induction last summer.  I've become enamored of Le Creuset's tri-ply line.  They heat evenly and clean up very well.  Price is intermediate between Tramontina and All-Clad, but performance is better than either, IMHO.  I think anyone who is investing in pots today should make sure they're induction-compatible.
I have a 7-cup Sanyo that works well and isn't overly complicated.  Sanyo's generally get good reviews and I think would be worth a look.
The 8.6kW is likely the combined total for all four burners on high, making the average 2.15 kW per burner.  So any savings won't be as dramatic as you've projected.     However, an induction plate does have a lot of positives.  It heats the pan more quickly than a conventional electric burner, making your total cooking time less, and providing some small amount of savings there.  Based on my Max Burton unit, about 1/2 power is equivalent to the high setting on a...
Chopped shallots cooked in sherry and butter until they're soft, mixed with some bread crumbs and whatever herbs are handy.
Loved The Name of the Rose.  The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana is in my To-Read pile.     I'm trying to get through Norman Mailer's Ancient Evenings.  He's supposed to be such a good writer, I thought I should read at least one of his books.  This is my third attempt.  Finally, on page 39, I realize that the narrator is dead when he sees a scorpion chewing on the foot of a mummy and feels a pain in his foot.  He's actually one of his body's 7 spirits, called the...
There's a private game preserve here in NH which stocks European wild boar, reportedly 12,000-15,000 of them.  Occasionally they escape and are hit by cars or hunted by local hunters.  In addition, there are scattered populations of feral pigs, which are a completely different thing.
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