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I peel and cut the stems into small-ish pieces, and separate them from the florets. I put them in to steam first since they take longer to cook. Then I add the florets, sized appropriately. I don't use a steamer, rather, I set either a colander or a strainer (sieve) over the top of a big saucepan (4.5-liters/quarts) and cover it with the top of the saucepan or another bigger cover. The reason I saw your message is because I went on line to double check your ingredients...
Niman left the company in August or Sept of 2007. There was a disagreement about operating procedures between Niman and his partners, and the partners, having invested a lot of money in the operation, prevailed and Bill left.
One of the Halal markets in Berkeley isn't on the list, but a couple that I didn't know about are. Gotta do some investigating.
I promise Ed, no more Hebrew National, but maybe some of the local pups every now and then. OK? Puleeeze say it's OK ... :lol:
I was gone for about a week, if I recall - less than anticipated. Got my business done faster than expected.
That's very funny! :lol:
It's been too long since posting to this thread. Over the past few weeks I've enjoyed a number of wonderful cheeses, and at some point I may catch up posting about them. This morning I picked up a Buche Selection Cremier, a French goat cheese in the general style of a Bucheron, but a far better tasting and more complex cheese with greater textural characteristics. The cheese is made by the Sèvre & Belle cooperative, well known for it's goat milk products. The outside...
I recall that a year or two back Rachael Ray and some other Food Network celebs made quite a few interesting Halloween recipes. Do a check ...
That's the way I understand it ....
Maybe this article will afford some ideas: http://www.edibleeastbay.com/content...ngTheUrban.pdf The Square Foot Gardening suggestion is a good one.
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