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Back in 1979, my mom came to Berkeley for a visit. She was a big coffee drinker - every morning, like clockwork, she'd have two cups of some kind of instant - Chase & Sanborne, Nestlé .... can't remember. So, in anticipation of her visit, we went to Peet's to get her some real good coffee. Alfred Peet was in the store and I told him what mom drank and asked for three different blends, including a decaf, that she might like. First morning comes, she asks for coffee,...
How do I know - you asked the question. Either tell me directly what you'd like me to explain or drop the subject. I'm not in the mood for this nonsense
This is very frightening to me. The idea of someone in this thread openly stating that they are on my side makes me very suspicious. I don't even like Hebrew National that much - but they are convenient, TJ's has them at a great price, and they must be of high quality since they are "approved" by a higher power. Perhaps God knows someone on the ConAgra board :lol:
How can you "take issue" with something you don't understand? Please be specific about what you would like me to explain. "The Hebrew national quote" doesn't register for me as the whole message had to do with Hebrew National to one degree or another.
Fresh picked apples (early this morning) - apples haven't arrived so I don't know the varieties yet - and some favorite cheeses from Cypress Grove, plus a couple of new ones - Truffle Tremor and Lamb Chopper.
You're just being pretentious and snooty, and rubbing our nose in the idea that your parents are better than the rest of us. :lol: Seriously, that sounds wonderful. Years ago, I spent the spring and a summer camping and hiking in the mountins in Calif, Oregon, and Idaho, mostly eating wild fruit from old orchards, did a little fishing, found lots of berries and nuts, and wild foods. There were a couple-three wonderful springs that I learned about, a "hidden" hot spring....
I know, I know ... mea culpa. For some reason I keep forgetting about Boarshead - there's only one place around here that I know of where I can get them, and when I'm there it's usually for poultry. I'll ask Maria to remind me about the Boarshead whenever I stop in. She's there every day. Eating Hebrew National let's me be closer to God. Makes me feel holier than thou!
I don't think that's correct in all, if not many, instances. But you've got me curious ... I know that a lot of the produce is grown in a different water shed area than Napa, but maybe the apples I mentioned and some of the dairy. What I'm not clear about is how sharing a watershed with the Napa Valley would effect things. Care to explain?
Because I care about what I put in my body. I buy from known, well-regarded, local sources. I generally don't buy produce in a store - I rarely set foot in a supermarket - I get my produce from local producers at the farmers' market, and these producers are well known for their quality and attention to environmental concerns. In fact, many adhere to stricter standards than the USDA Oraganic code or whatever they call it. All are local. The Berkeley Farmers' Markets don't...
Yes! A "bleached blonde" chicken. Plate that sukka up and put it on the buffet
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