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What about The Western Culinary Institute in the area which aguynamedrobert recommend. Have you made a decision yet?
So they said there is no risk for consumers, but I'm still not sure how it will interact with our body system. Eating cloning products still sounds a little weird to me. Mike
I remember burning all the bacon the first time I was in a frying station. That is one of those things to remember forever. I don't have so much to add that the ones that have been said here. Your enthusiasm has to be ON. Ask many questions, remember now is the time for it. All the best in your new job!
I'd go for the third option. With the knowledge acquired you will able to help with the changes. My suggestion would be stay there while you take a part time course in college. Then, if there is not major favorable changes for you, look for something else. But, by that time you will have the training and the experience. Good luck
It depends where are you in NJ. I am not from there but I know someone that went to Hudson County Community College in Jersey City. They offer Culinary Arts. I have heard that is a good college.
It has been said that there is no risk for consumers. What I am not sure is that if there is any test that shows how cloned products will interact with our body chemistry? There may be no problem at all or may be negative effects ten years from now. As a respect for consumers please put at least a label so I can know. Mike
You have to love it and enjoying as every job. You sound enthusiastic which is a good sign. The money? it depends how hard you work. Why don't you try it. Try to get a part time job as a kitchen helper and experience it by yourself. (That's what I did when I was 15):chef: Good luck
Chef Kristy Wilkins is the director of the Culinary Arts program at The Art Institute of Seattle.
Looks good, make sure to keep it updated!
Janh,s Deli, the italian dressed sandwiches are the best.
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