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and theres a wasp in the kitchen and im phobic about wasps    
Ok so were in the middle of a transitionary period at work, this means reduce traffic, reduced stock, limited menu and no licence for alcohol.   so when a guest at the adjoined hotel goes to the nearest off licence and without asking brings it to his table i am a little annoyed   no, more than that, my line manager has told me we cant let people drink inside, even their own booze.   i thought he was wrong and convinced him to let them stay...   oh if that...
i have (had) the worst allergies, i would sneewe every few minutes, my nose runs with the consistency of egg whites, my eyes itch etc   2 months into the ledinose treatment and my symptoms were non existant, this year i only had to use a nasal spray for a couple of weeks due to sneezing but thats it!   so im telling you from personal experience its a miracle
Know Now All Deliveries Late   SPRAY
congratulations on deciding to join one of the most stressful and least rewarding career paths on the planet.   The training course sounds like a wonderful idea, if nothing else it should help give you ideas for the home kitchen.   my only question would be (and you dont have to answer) but what is your disability? i remember after having knee surgery and coming back to work before i had really healed it was hard. kitchens arent known for the comfort or their...
Why I Never Get Sex   CHIPS
Ok so i scrapped the hot food, so no soup, no hot meatballs or skewers.   Ran up a hundred or so sandwiches, pork pies, crisps, trifle, scotch eggs, breadsticks, little biscuits, cakes etc   the kinda stuff you put out at a kids party basically...   it suddenly occured to me that it was my wedding and frankly, as long as no one went hungry, its all gravy so it was very simple.   i think anyway... it was a year ago and by that point i was tired so... lol
Um, I was trying to be subtle, the title of this thread reads: "Make A Sentence From Five(5) Letters"...   U Mean I Was A Silly Twit? Really? Yes I Never Grasp The Obvious. But Every Sentence Uttered By This Little Effing Twit Has Every Time In The Longing Effort Of Fun Tried Hard In Style To Have Real Energy, Am Deeply Regretting Every Attempt Done. Sorry.   My Actions Knowingly Emit Awful Standards, Even Now These Emissions Never Cease. Every Friend Readily...
KASHA   Ketchup And Saffron How Awful   ALLERGIC
Call it   "two mexican firemen"   when people ask about the name tell them its owned by two brothers   josé and hose b
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