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People might of posted this before but yes you should get a part time job or even ask if you can help in a kitchen if you can because cooking at home is a totally different story than cooking in a restaurant. But do what YOU want to do because its your life and you should do what makes you happy.
Community college is VERY cheap but having a state budget can affect how the program can operate. So i hope you dont live in California . But a private school can give you the best experience possible, the C.I.A. has a staff that has the most certified master chefs in any program in the country, they have alumni that have been VERY successful, and they are of high standard. If i was in your shoes and knew what i wanted to do for a career i would of deffinately picked the...
I personally wouldnt pay 350 bucks for a knife! I bought a good global for around 80 and its outstanding in excellent condition and i have been using it professionaly for almost 2 years.
your basic mirepoix will be onions, celery, and carrots to the ratio of what has been stated as 2-1-1. you can also replace the celery for celery root and carrots for parsnips for a white mirepoix. Sachets and boquets do not apply only to stocks you can use it in sauces and soups as well.
the pros for going to the art institute or kitchen acadamy is externships if they have any. they put you in a real foodservice facility, alot of community colleges dont do that. and alot of these places are excellerated, i think kitchen acadamy is about 9 months if im correct.
just curious, what are you going to apply your degree to once youve earned it? Seriously check out community colleges they usually dont have externships but will teach you cooking!
I have a "no body in the kitchen when im cooking" policy just because i live in an apartment and the kitchen is way to small! But speaking from your perspective yes i did get alot of that from my grandmother, not so much the germs and cancer stuff but more of the "your heat is to high" and "you should....." type stuff. I learned quite a bit from my grandmother i do admit that but the more i learned to cook the more i refused her methods. Either way when you cook for your...
Just think what you havent done yet. Maybe stepping into a situation your not too familiar with will keep you interested?
A hamburger IS a sandwich. Sandwich's consists of .......whatever you like between two slices of bread. Hamburger is just another word for ground beef.....which was also called Hamburg Steak (from germany). Today anything considered ground is tagged with burger (chickenburger, Turkeyburger). But it is still considered a sandwich.
What would be better in your case is to take some regular cooking classes that are more for home cooking. Places like Kitchen Acadamy and The Art Institute and even community colleges does teach cooking but they prepare you for professional work. So if you are not looking to become a professional chef then i would take the more liesurely approach.
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