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This year I've got a variety of tomatoes, chives, green onions, turnips, beets and swiss chard. The swiss chard is already as tall as me!
I could eat mediterranean food every day....hummus, flatbread, tabbouleh, kabob, etc.
I have taken classes through the weekend program at CCA. Generally I found the quality of the classes to be good. They recently cancelled all the weekend program and all of their corporate events to focus on the full time students.
Does it matter what brand of san marzano tomatoes you buy? My grocery store has a couple of different brands, and there's a price range from $1.89 to $4
I use kosher salt for all purpose, and grey salt and fleur del sel for finishing
How did the tomatoes taste?
Ina Garten cooks in her own kitchen. I'm pretty sure that Michael Chiarello does too.
I've heard Muir Glen is good, I haven't tried it yet though.
It came with a recipe book, but there are only a few recipes - so far I've made the egg pasta recipe twice with various dry additions. I guess I'm trying to figure out how to do wet additions - vegetable purees and such. The egg pasta recipe in the Kitchenaid book only calls for a tablespoon of water. Should I substitute vegetable puree for some of the eggs?
I just got a pasta roller for my kitchaid and am looking for some fresh pasta recipes - spinach, red pepper, etc. Does anyone know where I can find these kind of recipes? Thanks
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