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Where exactly in South Asia?
Nah....he said he was trained in Regent and he was working inside casino's one of the most expensive buffet restaurant, I have been there 7 years ago before i met him. The cost was like AUD$58 per person (if i remember it right), at that time my opinion of the food was like what you produced in the toilet! After I met him, I know why :D :D :D As an executive chef, you should know how to control your budget, where to source suppliers, how to cook probably etc. Once there...
I met this guy who claimed himself was the ex-executive chef for a casino in Australia (i am not sure his title is true or not). Below are some of his recipes: 1. How to made a roux - Add enough plain flour to cold milk and mix until it becomes a paste --> Roux. 2. How to made the best veal stock - roast veal bones and mirepoix separaetly, then put them into a big pot together, add tomato paste, red wine and water bring to boil then simmer for 2 hours. Some of his...
Same here, I vote for Chef Eric Chauffour.
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