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There should be no secrets in cooking. The more good recipes shared the happier everyone will be.
Shakes head in despair...
The Curry Secret by Kris Dhillon is my go to book for curry. It recreates the authentic British curry taste. The most important part is making the base "gravy". If that is not right then none of your curry dishes will be right.
Now that's what I call going out in style!!!    
My peeve is people who say "I'm vegetarian but I do eat fish". NO YOU ARE NOT!!
I stir all the time and use Carnaroli as that was the way I was taught. My first risotto many years ago turned out perfectly using this method  and has done ever since so the way I see it is...why change?
I have a large salt pig next to the stove that holds about 2 boxes of Maldon. I haven't got a shaker for the kitchen or the table. I sprinkle and taste along the way. If my hands are damp I dry them.
Rump steak frites with a dollop of Bearnaise on the side, a big glass of cheap red and i'm as happy as i'm ever gonna be! 
This is a wind up surely?
It is indeed, and I prefer it to Dauphinoise. So does my heart!
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