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I have a 36" Bosch with a 42" Gaggenau exhaust hood. I went with the wider and more powerful unit and have not been sorry. Bought mine on E-Bay for less than a thousand dollars. Jim
I helped my daughter and son in law select new cookware not long ago and we tried out several at the cooking school that we own. Best brands in my opinion, other than All-Clad, is All-Clad's second line, Emeril Ware...and the other was Millenium. Both are very heavy clad bottoms and appear to be well made. We ended up with the Emeril Ware and it has turned out to be a great selection for them. Jim
Joe, I trim it out as much as I can and freeze it until I have two or three, then grind it for great ground beef. I will also sometime use the muscle at the top of the loin with it. Jim
Interesting! I blanched the purple carrots for about 15 seconds in boiling salted water, then into an ice bath. For services, sauteed the snow peas first, then threw the carrots in...worked great. Maintained their purple color and sure did make the plate look great. Jim
I taught a three hour Knife Skills Class on Saturday. When I arrived back at the house I had a whole bunch of stuff that the students had done their practice cuts on, including about 8 pounds of, peeled, diced onion, 4 pounds of peeled, diced carrots and 2 pounds of diced celery. Oh, and also seven chicken backs, carcases and 14 wings. Put it all in an 8 gallon pot (actually a large Mirro Pressure Cooker (did not use the lid), put it on low heat, put the chicken in the...
Did a dinner party last week for 12 people and we used a julienne of purple carrots sauteed with snow peas. Attractive and tasty. Jim
I use Sprite or 7-Up, or any softdrink that is clear and contains citric acid, as these do. Works fine, easy to do, no additional inventory and adds no noticeable taste to the product. Jim
Have never understood the concept of leftover wine. Never happened at my house. Try the smallest boxed wine that you can find with a mylar liner and a tap or spigot at the bottom of the box. They are air tight even as they drain...and shelf life after opening is still several months. Longer in the fridge. Jim
Great Example: Grits on a menu $ 2.99 Polenta on a menu $ 4.99 Jim
Everytime I do a pan of onions, I let them caramelize with nothing but butter, cooked very slow. When they eventually begin to stick I continue cooking and scraping with a wood spatula until I get the bottom well coated with a nice, dark brown (not black) fond. Then I turn the heat up and deglaze with a cup or two of red wine, let it cook til almost dry, then use for final purpose or store in ziplock bags in fridge or freezer. Jim
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