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KK when we were in Kerkyra in May, the horta was young and tasty!
Glad that you're enjoying the Cretan food, KK. I love horta!
Nothing! With Germany and Argentina, I don't have a horse in the race.
Just what we're having for lunch, Chris! I like my eggs like that.
Looks like butter paddles to me, for forming blocks of butter.
A charming, gentle, caring man. My sympathies to his family.
We are hosting lunch for 12 today..Darne of wild salmon, Jersey Royal new potatoes (best potatoes in the world, IMO!), locally grow asparagus, with home made mayonnaise. The season for Jersey Royals and local asparagus is so short, we tend to overdose on them! Puddings: Cranachan, a Scots pudding of raspberries (first of the season)whipped cream, toasted oats and whisky and Tipsy Laird, the Scots version of an English Trifle.
Shel was banned from the site years ago.
As an EU citizen, you are free to settle/work in any other EU country. The world's your oyster, but perhaps you should look into work in the northern European where the recession either didn't bite too hard or, in the case of the UK, is much improved.
Deleted. Posted in Professional area in error.
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