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I do,hope that the mule in the seafood selection is actually moule!
Which version of Masterchef? There are so many...
[/quote]WOW. We're obviously living in different UK realities! I have eat at multi-michelin starred restaurants, even in provincial areas like my home city of Edinburgh. There are so many great gastro pubs, too.Granted there are pretty awful places here as well, but I've eaten at some fairly ropey places in Espana
Not really a restaurant, more a pub with food in Edinburgh called The Last Drop Inn. It is sited in the Grassmarket, and was the last place to get a drink for those on the way to the public gallows just nearby! Literally the condemned person's 'last drop' http://www.nicholsonspubs.co.uk/thelastdropgrassmarketedinburgh/findus/
Nicko, your way is the method I was taught at LCB, Paris aeons ago! My daughter made three as table centres for her wedding in Greece a Couple of years ago. All went swimmingly, she made them the afternoon before the wedding. I noticed some ants in the villa and suggested they were stored in a kitchen cabinet..... disaster... We came down early, to find that the spun caramel had turned back into sugar and melted. Thankfully, there was a great patisserie in the next...
Here's a link to the Lakeland site. http://www.lakeland.co.uk/16086/Silverwood-Croquembouche-Mould
My daughter made croquembouche for her own wedding, using the moulds made by Lakeland.
I attended a course at LCB, Paris, more years ago than I care to recall. It was a 10 Week course ( I think) and gave a good solid groundwork in all aspects of culinary education, including wine tasting! I suspect th course was a throwback to when Debs ruled and county gels acquired skills to diect the staff when they married!
Paolo Nuttini. Love his voice.
Thankfully, UK Fage is made in Greece, using greek milk... Lots of 'Greek-style' yoghurts are sold here, made in the UK, France and Germany. I'll stick with the Greek manufactured stuff!
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