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We went to Cuba six years ago. My husband LOVED it, I got Delhi belly and spent four days of our fourteen day holiday in the hotel bedroom, visited by a doctor every day.
I watched that episode, too! Not that I'm biased, but I'd really like one of the two Scots chefs to win. My money's on Brian!
Sorry, but I've never heard of that particular brand. If they have a website, it may provide guidance.
I visit Lisbon in February/March. The tourists are few in number and the restaurants are keen to impress. We love Portugal, out of season
Food and so few tourists.... Wonderful,
Cannot comment on Canada, but in the UK (and they follow our Parliamentary model and have our Queen in common) we don't put our hand on our heart.
Orkney or Cornish are my favourites.
Drop scones, aka Scotch pancakes. My Granny taught me at about four years of age. I still use heriron 'girdle'. A large disc with a large half moom handle, which could bt used directly on a fire. I think it was her Mum's.... Over 100 years old and still going strong!
Hello and welcome. Wow, what an adventure, where do you sail it? We used to keep a boat in Cornwall, until fairly recently. There are lots of interesting articles, blogs and photographs to be viewed here, to give inspiration. Our membership is from around the globe, which makes for a variety of cultural views on thee same dish!
Melted Bacon fat or lard?
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