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Dinnae fash yersel'.The Celtic Fringe should stick thegither
You misunderstood. It was not YOU who made sweeping generalisations...
Yes, I understand that.. I see the lardy-arses on every street! I just find sweeping statements hard to ignore.
You keep making sweeping statements about the UK. I am not fat, noone in my family is fat. If you and yours eat fat making foods, that's just YOU.
Hardly a small percentage. Someone has to fund the benefits system.
This thread was a year old before your comment.
You cannot talk for the whole of the UK...
english trifle and the Scots version tipsy laird need more than sponge cake and jelly. Sounds like a boring pud to me!
I boil water in an electric kettle
Ah, but Yorkshire puds originated in Yorks, therefore 'our' version is the correct one!
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