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Sylvia, two of us have already mentioned Cadbury's toffee eclairs, but I assume we're not on the right track because the OP is still looking for the caramels! Personally, I've never seen anything here in the UK like what is being described, but it's years since I've looked at toffees.
It's also a derogatory nickname they have for us British!
Yes, those are what I mentioned in my post! I don't know if these are what the OP was looking for, though.
Sounds like a variation of old fashioned British toffee eclairs, caramel, with a choc centre, sometimes also covered in chocolate. Try searching for Cadbury's toffee eclairs, and other British toffee manufacturers such as Nonsuch.
Scotland and France were known as the Auld Alliance, collops is the Scots way of saying escallopes. Never with bacon, though!
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My Grannies, on both sides of the family were amazing cooks, particularly baking. I started by watching them.... Then 'helping' them. We made shortbread, scones, soups, stews, breads, etc. My Mum was also an amazing cook! We also have a family recept book that starts in 1816, which I still use all the time.
G'day, Phil! Glad you have joined us. We are a large community, with members from around the globe and all levels of cooking skills, so you'll feel at home. Please join in on threads you fond interesting, or start your own in the relevant forum. The three Professional fora are read-only for those of us who are not working in a culinary capacity. The articles, blogs, reviews and photography are all worth reading. My niece lived in St Kilda until recently and we...
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Coronation chicken was supposedly 'invented' for Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation in the early 1950s as a nod to the then British Commonwealth's Asian influences.
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