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Deleted. Posted in Professional area in error.
Hello and welcome to the site. Our membership is huge, global and all levels of culinary skill. i fall into the very enthusiastic amateur group. There are three Professionals-only fora, but I hope you don't restrict your posts to that area as it is read-only for all the members who are not employed in a culinary capacity! The articles, reviews, blogs and photograpy on the site are all well worth spending time to view.
Hello and welcome! Cheftalk is a great community of people from around the world and all levels of culinary abilities, from those just starting to learn about food to master chefs and all stages in between. Feel free to join in on topics you find interesting, or start your own in the relevant fora. There are three Professionals only fora which are read only for those of us not employed in a culinary trade. The archives are also worth viewing, along with photographs,...
I don't know about anywhere else in the world but it is readily available in most UK supermarkets and small shops!
I use 00 grade flour.
Bannock is a Scots word. Here's a fairly standard recipe from the rampantscotland website http://www.rampantscotland.com/recipes/blrecipe_bannocks.htm Selkirk bannock, once a specialty of the town of Selkirk, but now found all over Scotland is a sweeter, fruited and spiced bannock.
Chris, that sounds great! We are in Greece at the moment and last night at a local taverna, My husband chose a rabbit stifado. I wish I'd chosen it, my pork dish was like leather!
selkirk or plain?
I completed the survey.
The UK had Mothering Sunday(aka Mother's Day in modern, Americanised parlance . ) a few weeks ago. The date is set as one of the Sundays in Lent. It predates Mother's Day by centuries But, good wishes to Mums in the USA!
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