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I completed the survey.
The UK had Mothering Sunday(aka Mother's Day in modern, Americanised parlance . ) a few weeks ago. The date is set as one of the Sundays in Lent. It predates Mother's Day by centuries But, good wishes to Mums in the USA!
I had never heard of this Belgian company. This came up on a google search
I have always disliked eating food from heavily patterned plates. I don't dislike patterned rims, just hate patterns on the base of plates, bowls etc.
I love MB. She and Delia are the twin stars of home cooks! I make an MB carrot cake that she did on a TV programme in the early 80s... No horrid frosting, just a beautifully moist cake.
Arrowroot thickens and doesn't add colour.
A dish that most girls at my convent school dreaded was spam fritters, slices of rubbery spam dipped in batter and deep fried . Hated it and always tried to palm it off on one of the few spam lovers in the refectory! Just the memory makes me shudder:D
I do,hope that the mule in the seafood selection is actually moule!
Which version of Masterchef? There are so many...
[/quote]WOW. We're obviously living in different UK realities! I have eat at multi-michelin starred restaurants, even in provincial areas like my home city of Edinburgh. There are so many great gastro pubs, too.Granted there are pretty awful places here as well, but I've eaten at some fairly ropey places in Espana
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