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In my area of Scotland we still pronounce it as brakefast, rather than the more commonly heard (at least in some other areas of the UK) brekkfast.
We still use break fast for the first meal of the day
Ever since viewing Blumenthal's method, I use it! http://www.channel4.com/4food/recipes/chefs/heston-blumenthal/scrambled-eggs-recipe
SNAP! My fish pie: undyed smoked haddock, cod landed in Peterhead, mussels from Loch Fyne and scallops from Mallaig topped with locally raised tatties and neeps. Scots wha' hae:D ETA. Forgot the salmon fillets, from my freezer, caught by my husband in Perthshire a few months ago!
The fat you use should be smoking hot before you add the Yorkie batter. Any lower and the simply refuse to rise properly.
I have always been disappointed with Hershey's chocolate, it tastes like what we in the UK term cooking chocolate. But there again, I don't like Nuttela, either:D
I don't know if this is a Canadian or US skewed survey, but as a Scot first and also a European, I would not choose to eat those processed foods.
Save enough money t allow you to move to another EU country THEN start looking.
Sensible man!
Why would you not choose another EU country? It's less hassle AND has the benefit of reciprocal health and benefits available to you and also the fact that there are so many Michelin starred restaurants to choose from. As a first move out of Greece it's a no-brainer:)
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