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Ah, but Yorkshire puds originated in Yorks, therefore 'our' version is the correct one!
surely that's just a toad in the hole? And, at least in the UK, many pubs serve a large Yorkie filled with slices of roast beef or lamb or beef, with veg and gravy.
Hmmmmmmm Nothing on the link but the name, Kuan.
Want to be less aggressive?
Our climate is less kind...
the Scots Kitchen by F. Marian MacNeill. This isn't fine dining, but well written and researched, if a little old-fashioned. I have my Granny's first edition, which is well-thumbed, so my husband bought me a recent edition, so I have been able to retire Granny's.
An Edinburgh landmark, just a few doors down from the Castle. http://www.thewitchery.com
Allotments in the UK are often in urban areas, and are rented from the local govt. Our climate does not lend itself to harvesting a wide range of foodstuffs in winter, mainly brassica and root vegetables.
The UK has an apprenticeship scheme, I think the Aussie System is based upon it. I think NZ has a similar scheme. It is not just for culinary skills though... Plumbing, brick laying. Carpentry, motor mechanics, various engineering skills, oh and hairdressing, are all offered as apprenticeships. Students are employed by a business and either attend FE college as day release students or block release, in Australia the classes are usually held at TAFEs. The...
Yes, I have two quinces, but my friend makes the jelly and pays me in kind! When I lived in Wiltshire, we had three or four quince and four medlar trees, too. A neighbour used to tale all the fruits from both and give me a share of the processed fruits. I've forgotten the French name for medlars, but the common name in Wiltshire was'dogs bum'!
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