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My score was 87'. Apart from the puffer fish, the others all appear to be manufactured foods I've never heard of!
A victoria sandwich is a British sponge CAKE, ie two layers of songe, with a layer of raspberry or strawberry jam sandwiched between. Absolutely nothing to do with savoury sandwich fillings.
Presumably, much the same foods as are considered part of the Mediterranean diet today, apart from potatoes, tomatoes and other, later introductions! Oh, and no pork...
At 16' you need to take advice from your schol,or FE college's careers office, which is free. There are catering colleges all over the UK and a well established apprentice scheme. If you want to train in London, one of the best FE catering schools is Westminster Catering College. Google is your friend.
Taking the mickey is cockney rhtming slang for extracting the michael.
That's the legend. The skin of Cheaper bangers would often split in the pan, but with typical British understatement, this became a bang, hence bangers. I don't believe a wordof it.
Try it, you won't be disappointed!
Battered, chip shop sausages are deep fried, the bangers for mash are shallow fried. Not healthy, but slightly less naughty. Toad in the hole porkers are just browned in a shallow frying pan and then transferred to an oven proof dish and Yorkshire pudding batter poured in and cooked until the pudding is risen, light and golden? In fact, that's what we're having for dinner this evening, with a carrot and onion gravy.
If you can get good quality pork snorkers, you'll find all kids love the meal!
That's because it's not Inglis, but Lallans, one of the Scots languages! Neeps is turnips, aka rutabaga in various parts of the world, swede in England.. The orange ones, not the smaller, white ones. The word is chappit, which means mashed in this context, one can also chappit on a door... ie knock. Bashed is mashed, too. Totties is the weegie way of saying tatties, ie potatoes. Battered sausage is standard chip shop fare. Blech!
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