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Whoops! realized I got it at the bazaar in Istanbul!!!! Nice and clean in little plastic clam shells. sorry, Nan
I did actually get real saffron at the market for a good price. It is from Iran and lovely. Have fun! Nan
San Francisco the east coast of Florida out of the US--Bangkok
Hair under a baseball cap, no make up--a bit of moisturizer,white polo shirt, checks, Danskos. Always several cooks coats with me in case I end up a in galley that has cooler times (pretty rare). Nan
And wild rice with cranberries--do I need to get back to work or what??? I could live for a week out of my little freezer now! Nan
Oh My, Was going with the couscous, but the polenta sounds absolutlely amazing!!!   Only have one guest, so may freeze a portion and have with couscous or orzo later?   Thanks to both of you,   Have a super weekend, Nan
using recipe from Sheila Lukins and Joan Nathan. thanks, Nan
how about a metal water bottle? Nan
Another vote for Beard on Bread.   I purchased it in the mid 70's. Excellent trouble shooting guide--as in, this happened,why?   I thumb through that part on occasion and still use several of the recipes from there.   enjoy, Nan
I do contract work so am often on the beach for 3-4 months. And now because of some medical stuff I have not worked for about 1 1/2 yeara.   Even after a  little time offf I go to the FSA or Sysco websites and see what is new. If you are near a city, the food shows are great. Also spend some time in smaller markets in the area where I will be.   After that long it might not be a bad idea to renew your ServSafe (or it's equivalent in your area), also any health...
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