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i just saw these lovely cucumber flowers on farmers market just reminds me of zuccini flower that i always want to make but never could since i never found them here in my country. my question is cucumber flower edible or just for decoration or can we cook them? can i use them as a subsitute for zuccini flowers   thanks for the help
i'm learning how to make varition of icing lately and i have a huge problem. almost all icing made of lots of icing sugar which make icing so sweet , while my customers doesn't really like sweets that much. i fix some of the problem by adding lots of lemon juice and redusing the sugar , and making less sweet cakes . but it make another new sets problems which is the icing is not thick enough to pipe and set and another problem is not all icing i can add lemon juice to it...
i thinking the dessert would be together with some tea and coffee for the afternoon tea that's why i think cupcake and scones would be good but i'm agreeing something fruity would a good idea even though i'm not sure that panna cotta can be paired with tea and coffee. maybe some fruit pie???
my friend coming to my place this weekend and i want to make them a lunch and a afternoon tea as well. it for 4 people and my menu goes like this: fresh bake bread ( made by my self ) , garlic butter , bolonise pasta , anf for the dessert green tea white chocolate scones with some muffins or cupcake. i think is good simple lunch menu but somehow i fell something is missing, maybe a salad or soup or some appetisers , but can't think any that great to be paired. can u help...
your cake looks very good . definiatly try it. i don't know if i like yellow cake more than sponge cake since i never try them before and i like more airy light cake. but i excited to try them. i hope they turn out good since i'm have been looking for good yellow cake made from start.
this last few days i have been looking some of my bread recipe and found several recipe that calls for vitamin c in their ingredients. most of them are french bread recipe. i'm abit confuse about what kind of vitamin c i should use? is it just normal vitaminc and ground them into powder? what are the use of vitamin c for the bread? will it effect if i don't use them? thanks for the help 
this christmas i wanted to make some gingerbread and mince pie on my own but i never have any good recipes for it . can somebody help me share some of your recipes. it will be a great help . thxs soooo muchh :D:D:D
this Christmas i want to make a traditional dinner for my friends and family. but i actually never know what is the traditional christmas dinner is since i never had it. what i know is there must be an eggnog and mincemeat pies also a ginger bread but for the main course and others i don't have any clues. can somebody tell me what christmast dinner usually have ? thxs for the help :peace:
i love how warm fresh baked chewy oatmeal raisin cookie taste. i already tried several recipes to make the perfect bite but not yet found the right composition. can you help me suggest some recipes that i can tried. ps: i looking for chewy texture cookie with a little bit of crispiness on the outside also have some spice into it and not too sweet. thxs for all the help :Dv , i really greatfull
thxs for the recipes , i will try it later :D:D:D
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