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OH WOW OK I'll do that!!
REALLY!?!?! Place the towel then the dish then fill 1/2 way with water and bake?!?!
I have been making the same recipe for Creme Brulee from la Rousse Gastronomnique It comes out great except the bottom is always curdled a little I've tried lowering the baking temp cooking times temp of bain marie still curdled Is this normal?
My most used saute pan has a foggy shine I've tried polish, bar keepers friend and nothing has made it shine like new (or the other pots in my collection) Whats the secret??!?!?
I was wondering if I had to purchase a special pair of sugar handling gloves to work with sugar or could I use regular latex dishwashing gloves????
This is a terrible recipe! Is this from the kooky semi homemade woman of the food channel?? the grit from the sugar and spices sticking together REAL pumpkin Ice Cream is much easier to make from scratch!
Anyone know where or How someone can get satin ice products wholesale??? I know globalsugar is the cheapest!
Does Crisco/Veg Short taste all lot diffrent from lard?? Will things like frostning and bread taste much better with lard?? If a recipe says 1 cup veg can you sub with lard??? I know everyone is worried about calories but if you only use it every blue moon and lard is in commercial pastries....
THANK YOU I think maybe I took the cake out too soon but I didnt wat a dried out cake!
If you want to see this being done Juila Child does it on one of her DVDs!! check youtube
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