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Thanks, I'll check them both out. I'm not sure if Sysco would sell to me, I only buy maybe $800/year in fish, and they seem to be wholesale only. Wegmans is nearby and their produce is astonishing (it's actually usually nicer than the farmer's market). I'll go talk to the fish guy. Thanks! Terry
I had been buying all my sashimi-grade fish from Sushifoods.com, however the order I was going to place today would have been close to $140 shipping on about $300 worth of fish. This seems to be getting out of hand. Then I started thinking about it and realized that some of the items actually originate on the east coast (where I am), and have been shipped from here to there, and then back again. Does anybody have any suggestions for where I could find really excellent...
Haven't tried that yet. So far, I'm working on Matzoh Ball Soup that tastes like it did 30 years ago. 8-) It's been coming out pretty good, but the only way I've been able to do it is by making a second batch using the liquid from the first. However this is very time consuming. I'll try reducing it as mentioned earlier, and adding the veggies last. Terry
Thanks! I'll check out the asian markets. We have several here. I've avoided buying animals (fish, chicken, etc.) from them because it looks so primitive (big pile of dead fish on ice, boxes full of whole chickens with heads, feet, etc.), however that's probably because I'm used to seeing everything wrapped in plastic. We have a farmer's market (mostly spring, summer and fall) and there is a really nice organic meat supplier there, but I never thought to try their...
As a consumer, I think the cakes with the flat tops and the inkjet photos on top taste revolting. The cakes I've seen have some sort of disgusting paper substance on top (maybe rice paper) that ruins the whole mouthfeel of the cake. It's like eating takeout pizza with the box still attached. If you want to do something to expand your business, make great bread. Not just good bread, but great bread. There are three places in town (Syracuse, NY) that make great bread. They...
I spent close to 10 years tweaking my pizza dough recipe, so I'm not about to start cheating on my stock. 8-) Terry
As far as I can tell, it's like buying lottery tickets. Storage and shipping might be part of the problem, although I'm not sure exactly what's happening. I've had phenominal luck with Sam's Club, very good luck with Wegmans (a high-end grocery store) and about 50/50 with Price Chopper (not actually a less less expensive store, just worse) Terry
That's another good idea. Maybe I should try adding the veggies after it already has enough chicken flavor. Terry
Thanks! At least now I know I'm not crazy. I'm in Upstate NY, and although we have all sorts of egg farms, the old chickens seem to vanish. Probably all sold to soup factories. I think I'll check out the Asian markets too, since we have a few Chinese restaurants around here that have really kick-*** broth. They have to be getting good chickens from somewhere (or just use a big wad of soup base) Thanks for the help! Terry
I've been making chicken stock and soup for a long time, tried all sorts of different recipes, have generally been disappointed and was wondering if anybody had any ideas. No matter how long I simmer it, chicken stock just doesn't taste very "chickeny" unless I make a double-strength batch (make a second recipe using the liquid from the first). Is there some secret to chicken soup that I'm missing? Did chickens taste more like chicken years ago, or has my memory just...
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