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I used to service them. Propane doesn't require any more service than Natural Gas. You might be thinking about Fuel Oil, which is used in some furnaces and water heaters, but not for cooking, is very dirty and requires regular service.Terry
Here you go: Brighton Bakery 335 East Brighton Avenue Syracuse, NY 13210-4141 (315) 475-2948My dog biscuit info is a few years old, but I'm assuming that they'll still bake anything you want.Terry
Control elements that vanish and appear in different arrangements as the cursor moves across the screen are a classic example of "I can do it, so it must be good," and links that move around the page when the screen is re-sized are an example of "everybody needs to have the same size monitor as me." Variable page widths are great, but the controls need to stay where they're useful.Terry
There's a bakery in Syracuse that makes dog biscuts (using human-quality ingredients) as well as cakes/cookies/etc. for people. There are a number of small dog biscuit companies that use them for this very purpose. If you want, I can look up the name/phone/etc. I'm pretty sure they would do everything for you (unless you actually wanted to do the work yourself).Terry
Most American recipes use cups, teaspoons, tablespoons for volume measurements, however this is something else that can drive you crazy if you're baking.The actual contents of "a cup of flour" can vary tremendously depending on how tightly it's packed.. This might not make any difference if you know what you're baking and what the dough is supposed to look like (you can add a little more if it's too loose), however if you're baking something new, it's much easier and more...
I haven't made bagels in a few years, but this is extremely close to the recipe I used (can't find mine) and should work beautifully.'ve tried baking various yeast or starter based breads in different parts of the world and have found that the biggest variable is the water.  I'd suggest trying it with bottled water with a low mineral content and getting it to work properly before trying it with local tap water. The...
Same here. It's actually painful to site here in front of the screen.Terry
I'm not crazy about the new layout, including the white background, which is more-or-less blinding, and am especially not fond of the magically appearing and vanishing first/last post options in the "new posts" list.Page elements shouldn't just pop in and vanish like timid ghosts.How about something more traditional and usable?Terry
Wegman's Groceries.Their produce department always looks ready for a photo shoot and is always filled with local produce any time it's available.Same thing goes for seafood. They can tell me when any specific type of fish is coming in, so I can stop down and pick it up in a cooler and bring it home for sushi.Terry
Sorry, I don't have any idea about this particular pot.Terry
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