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Found it here, but it sounds moderately revolting and seems to be a cooking method, not just to prevent browning.http://cueflash.com/Decks/culinary_test_1/Have you ever seen it done. Seems like the veggies would get covered in random gluey bits of four, unless it was thick enough to actually be a sauce.Terry
Assuming the seasons are still running in the correct order, spring should be here soon, hopefully followed by summer. I love having bunches of friends over for pizza, and have been cranking them out of two ovens in my kitchen on pizza stones.  However . . .   I love the smoky flavor and the crunch of a crust baked at ~800 degrees or so in a wood fired oven Forno Bravo has some really nice plans for wood fired ovens that I could build behind the house, however it's...
OK, so it's an old thread. I just ran across it and thought I'd leave an update. 8-)So far, Panini's suggestion to simmer, then reduce just the chicken, and then add the veggies has been the most successful.The second-best method has been to pick up old chickens at the farmer's market. We have a number of farmers that sell grass-fed no-hormone, no-anything beef, and if I give them some advance notice, they'll save fowl for me (if I don't get there at the crack of dawn,...
Nice idea! A little buttermilk would improve the taste, too. I'll give it a try! Thanks! Terry
Hi, The spoonbread recipe (ingredients below) that works more-or-less OK (I'd like it a little "fluffier"). The problem is that it seems to have a slightly metallic taste. This is probably from the baking powder, but the dish is already a little dense, so I don't want to cut back too much. Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks! Terry 1 C Corn Meal 2 Eggs 3 C Milk 2 T Butter 1 t Baking Powder 1 1/2 t Salt
You would need to add back a lot of the chicken to get the protein content to where you want it, however the calories are probably somewhere in the area you're looking for. If you're looking to cut calories, chill the stock overnight and remove the fat before finishing the recipe, and probably skip the ciabatta bread at the end :) Terry This is satisfying and soul-warming, with the aromas of garlic, olive oil and chicken, contrasted perfectly with the slight...
I have to tell you, there isn't a single thing on that page that I wouldn't want to try at least once. And now I'm hungry! Since you got me started on food porn, check out my latest pizza photo. Pizza | Bupkis.org Click on the pizza, then when the big image comes up, click on it again. Sorry, I have to go downstairs and cook something. Anything. Maybe some bacon and anything. Or cavetelli with mushrooms and broccoli and garlic oil. :) OK. Now I'm really hungry. Terry
It's not actually a flavor, and it doesn't use normal taste-buds, but is a process where specialized MSG receptors sense MSG, then produce a neurotransmitter, which enhances the transmission of other flavors from the tongue. Terry
I'd go for it, but leave out the "you're not welcome" part. Some people with severe food allergies can be brought to death's doorstep by very tiny amounts of substances you didn't even know were there. Maybe the tahini came from a machine that previously ground peanut butter. Who knows? I'd probably have a very nice explanation written up and printed that the server could show the customer, explaining that you value their safety more than their business, and if they...
Can't help much with the other stuff, but if the color change happened while it was sitting on the counter, it's oxydation. You can prevent this by floating a layer of CO2 (mix vinegar and baking soda) or Nitrogen (if you have a cylinder handy) in the bowl. Onion will also help, although it takes quite a bit to have the same effect. Terry
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