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It is fairly common for a person to lose their sense of smell after having had a viral infection. Usually it is only a temporary condition. If you go to the doctor he will probably perform a couple of simple tests to determine if the loss is due to your recent illness or if there is something else causing the problem. Some people do use zinc supplements but there is no real supportive evidence to say this works. I guess if you believe it will work, it will. I...
Thanks for posting this. It's interesting to see the changes. I wonder whether it is a cost saving measure (which is most likely) or whether All Clad have found through studies that the thickness (whether making it thicker or thinner) makes a difference in the effectiveness of the pot or pan.
I have been know to be out shopping on Christmas Eve but these days I am a bit more organized and try to have everything as early as possible. The shops are just too hectic around this time of year and I'd rather avoid the crowds.
I haven't tried it myself but just doing a quick check on Google there seems to be a lot of recipes on the net for Mascarpone Cheesecake.
I think brown vinegar would be malt vinegar.
That's a very clever list. Thank you for posting.
Carrots seem to have a habit of growing in all sorts of funny forms. They still taste good regardless of how they look
Unfortunately most legal avenues will just end up costing you money. The lawyers are the only ones who win in most cases. Even if you get a judgment against these people in the small claims court, your chances of getting your money are remote. If it were me I would seethe and be very annoyed but put it down to experience and move on. Make sure you get everything in writing in the future. There is no such thing as a gentlemans agreement when it comes to money.
I am the gadget queen which is why I avoid looking at these types of catalogues. Anymore gadgets and I will have to buy a bigger house.
Welcome Marvin. Excuse my ignorance, but what exactly does a particle physicist do?
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