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I will probably use every piece in the set. I don't really have any pieces that I don't use in my tfal set right now. Even the little tiny sauce pans. The ones in these sets are bigger then the ones in my tfal set so those would be nicer.
I'd like to buy a set of cookware for my home. I managed to find 2 sets that are affordable for me right now, and have better sizes then the set I have at home. (T-fal which was a wedding gift years ago) I am not sure which one I should go for though. The first one is a Kitchenaid Gourmey Fundamentals 15 piece set. And the second if a Member's Mark Hard Anodized 15 piece set....
Welcome to the forum :) That sounds like my kind of job too!
Welcome to the forum! I just joined not too long ago as well. :)
Welcome to Cheftalk! Your son's name is adorable btw :)
Welcome to cheftalk :)
Depends on how much time I am able/willing to spend. Sometimes I will make a cream cheese frosting, because cream cheese is my weakness lol. Other times I will just buy the frosting from the store. I have yet to make any buttercream or anything at home. I have a really good recipe too from school, but it uses so much butter. LOL
Does anyone have any good scone recipes? I made some cream scones the other day and they turned out alright, but I want to try a few others. (My 3yr old twins LOVED them) I want an excuse (for this weekend) to use the new kitchenaid I am getting Thursday too LOL
At school we always dipped it and let it sit for awhile to get the "goo". It always turned out great. Unless you let it sit way too long.
I usually just buy whatever is on sale. I tend to use it a lot for spaghetti sauce and sloppy joes.
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