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I am currently studying professional cookery in NZ for two months now and I find it hard to get the taste of western cuisine cause in my country, we like food that are salty. I sometimes get disappointed when my tutor tastes my food during assessment. I wish I can find friends here whom I can share kitchen experience. I never had any background about cooking western cuisine but im so eager to learn.
7 letters...   HAD Daddy Ordered Canned Kernels?   fruit
Quite Unusual Apple Rum Tart.   wisks?
Season that octopus chef Kevin!   (just a common name of chef) :P   grams
I like eggplant recipes and have not tried baking it since we don't usually prepare eggplants with ovens. Usually, we grill it, peel off the skin, mash it and make it into salad with hot coconut milk and some spices. It has same taste as when I fry the sliced eggplant. Usually, I can make 4-6 pieces in 1 eggplant depending on its length (we have longer and slender variety here). Never have to crowd the pieces as it may absorb the oil in seconds. You do not have to fry it...
It is nice to know and discover great chefs here:).  It's a good way to start noting names :(1)  Mario Batali, an Italian Chef
no. in my place we let garlic stay in open air just ready to be used when you need it.
just choose the garlic that looks bulky and clean. means the garlic you get has enough oil that can give flavor to your cooking. also buy only which you need for days or week.
being Asian is a bit tough as regards to getting "upset when others don't like the same foods", for my culture just have foods that most foreigners do not like. it does not make me upset though, just that they miss how some delicacies of ours taste like.  it is just that we have different taste and idea about any food.
the job, u can learn the best skills with the best chef also in your place. it provides you great opportunity as it gives you wide experience in a formal setting.  
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