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There is a groups link on everyone's profile. Any group you join will also be linked there.   Really?   I hardly ever go to my own profile, so, rather than relying on memory, I just went there. I guess I'm not part of everyone, because there is not a word about groups anywhere on the page.
Instead of a group, it might be better to change the name of the Camp Cooking thread to "Outdoor Cooking".....   I'd vote for that. It makes perfect sense.
Phil, if I joined Cheftalk today, and was navigating the site to develop a feel for what's available, how would I know there was such a thing as a groups feature? It doesn't seem to show up anywhere.   By the same token, how, except by linking from this thread, would I be able to go back to it?
Blood oranges and Meyer Lemons have been making slow inroads in the Southeast, Curious. Mostly in the high-end markets, it's true, but even in some regular chains. You're shopping Harris Teeter? Wish we had one here.   Also consider seasonality. Blood oranges are sold this time of year, through about March. Then they disappear again.Tastewise, to me, they're closer to tangerines than to oranges. But you can't beat that dramatic color.   The way you used them...
Keep in mind that Cajun is, at base, home cooking, based on what is available. So, almost by definition, as soon as you write it down, and upgrade it, you have bastardized it to a certain degree.   Less known than some of the books written by big names, but as authentic as they come, is Cajun and Creole Cooking with Miss Edie & the Colonel."   It's the only one I've ever read that differentiates the two cuisines, and defines them, as well as just providing...
Obviously, Ben, you don't know how big a fool I can be.
My one regret is that we discovered it when our kids were all but grown. The younger was 16, and did get to participate. But it's really such a great thing for kids to be part of.   If you want to get back into it, contact me privately and I'll send you my brothers email addy. He's in SoCal, and does everything from fur trade to cowboy action, and could, no doubt, put you in touch with the right people.
Thanks, Dan. A couple of comments, with the most important first:   I have a photocopy of one of the original Victory Garden booklets distributed by the American Womens Vountary Service's Food for Victory Committee. Send me your snailmail privately and I'll be glad to send you a copy. Some interesting directions, garden layouts, and growing tips in there.   10 x 20 is a fair sized piece. One could say its "only" 200 square feet. But the typical raised bed is only...
Pops pretty much has the straight of it, Ivan. Professional cooking is rarely the glamourous profession you see portrayed on TV.   Enjoying cooking at home, even being very good at it, has little in common with any food service environment. So your best bet is, as he says, to find a job in a restaurant (not fast-food), and put in some time to see if it's really what you want to do as a career.   Keep in mind, too, that the majority of entry-level jobs will be as...
I can't see any efficient way of doing it after the fact, Curious. But, depending on your intended usage, it might not matter. Usually if there are any problems it's with the pith, rather than the membranes.   Once you get the knack of cutting supremes, though, you'll wonder why you ever served citrus any other way.   Do you need any recipes for those blood oranges?
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