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I absolutely do. Would, most of the time, rather eat my own than go out to a restaurant. Of course, I cook better than most of the professionals in this area (not just my opinion), so that might not mean much.    
As in Ceasar dressing, anchovies are more used to provide a salt element than a fishy one. Many recipes call for it.   Here in the States, many people say they don't like anchovies, cuz their first exposure is as whole filets laid on a pizza. But these same people love Ceasar salad, and use Wocestershire Sauce as a basic condiment. They're shocked when you point out that the do like anchovies, they just didn't know that they liked them.   The two ingredients that...
Although it obviously doesn't bother you, Chris, fwiw I used to have a neighbor with a tree that grew those little pears. A standard corer was much to big, so I got a small-diameter brass tube, sharpened one end slightly, and it worked like a charm.   Wish I still had access to the virtually unlimited supply of those pears that I had in those days. You hardly ever see them in the stores around here, and, when you do, they're incredibly expensive.
Friend Wife and I were talking about that. Near as I can figure, he's got at least 10 of them:   1. A gas operated cooktop. 2. A monster gas grill 3. Two (at least) webbers. 4. A Char-Broiler type rectangular charcoal grill 5. The aforementioned Grillworks. 6. A Santa-Maria type, with all the bells and whistles 7. One I can't idenify: It's blue and has three horizonal rods (spits?) arranged in a triangle. In that episode we were discussing you can, in...
I guess even KY would agree that half a cup of this stock added and reduced together with KY's mentioned ingredients would be fantastic.   In the Cumberland Sauce I would reduce the stock first, Chris. With the grape thing, either way. But as to the flavor, sure, why not!   Your blackberry sauce would go perfectly with wildfowl. The birds have to be cooked differently, is all. But the sauce is a great match.
One purpose of a blog---or any journal, for that matter---is to help define who you are and where you are going in life.   Keep that in mind, my Young Culinarian (there's a hint for you, btw), because you're making it sound less a voyage of discovery and more a rememberence of things past. Meanwhile, the discussions on this page have, seems to me, provided enough material for several blog entries.   Take the matter of technique. By your own admission you lack...
I'd never heard of top necks, so did a search. Turns out, there's actually another size between little necks and top necks.   Here's a pretty good description of standard clam sizes: http://www.shoemakerlittlenecks.com/size.html
Chris, I notice you leave the cores and seeds in your pears. Any particular reason for that?
With just two knives I don't think I'd bother.   For most home cooks, the benefit of a magnetic holder is that it keeps the edges from banging together in a drawer (as well as having the knives handy). But you can get wooden knife racks that lie, horizontally, in that drawer. Keep your knives in it. The rest of the utensils won't get damaged by being kept in such a drawer.   Later, as your knife collection grows (and it will---at a minimum you should have a...
Replayed the tape, BDL, and you're right. If it ain't a Grillworks it's a pretty close clone.
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