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We always have a gallon cambro of CREAMY HO in our box for french dip sandwiches. =^)
Madrilene (how i spell it) is a chicken consomme with tomato pulp added i thought?...i am clarifying tomato pulp only. The result is a tomato consomme in my opinion sorry. But then again my French culinary terms are not always perfect.
   Just wanted to say hello to everyone I've missed very much! I used to participate in cheftalk under a different name, but due to the connection of that name to my former employer it needed to be changed. Don't ask me why i picked what I did...? Im not really psycho. I just had this great picture of Janet Leigh in the shower for my avatar!    Found myself at the computer today, so I've been on the site for a while remembering why it's so great. I never posted in here...
Right now we are clarifying straight up Sacramento tomato juice, seasoned, and with a traditional raft(minus the shells). The resulting perfectly clear consomme has all the rich tomato flavor but that beautiful silky broth quality. We actually use it cold as well and the texture and taste are great. Great way to add tomato flavor and not alter the look of a dish. Just my .02   I've never tried the gelatin method, sounds interesting but time consuming. I don't have...
Out of the thousand or so I've collected and the 25 that are really great, only 3 are "must have" and see regular time in my kitchen. For inspiration.."Culinary Artistry" by Dornenburg and Page. For baking and pastry stuff..."the Joy of Cooking" for it's comprehensive coverage...and "On food and cooking" by Harold Mcgee for those perplexing questions like why my meringue is runny on the bottom of the bowl?   Besides that, anything Charlie Trotter is great...Anthony...
Fresh chopped mint is always the secret for mine...for me a "must have". From there its just a matter of taste and what kind of fruit you have. But I never met a fruit salad that wasn't improved by a little fresh chopped mint.
I made some cannoli cream that blew me away recently. Found the Strega liquor I was missing and.....wow! Such a subtle difference it's almost unnoticeable, but it had this "authentic" quality now...that something you can't put your finger on...je ne sais quoi. Made me never want to eat one of those run of the mill, wallpaper paste versions again.
I live across the water in Whitestone Queens, Do yourself a favor and stay away from the shellfish. The fish from those beaches are ok...because they are not planted in the muck there 24/7. I harvested some mussels from Little Neck Bay a few years back, beautiful silver shells, bright yellow plump meat...I didn't die of poisoning, but they weren't that good anyway....why take the chance? Grab yourself a fishing pole and we can fish together...crabbing in late summer is...
Tard(e) in my kitchen was always short for retard. As in "you're sofa king we todd id."
I use pearl barley like risotto sometimes. It can be cooked with the same technique as risotto and has a similar texture. Makes a nice side for lamb navarin or short ribs.
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