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It's a pain in the butt. I did one on the beach in LA. They wanted 4 entree's and four side dishes. Thats 8 platters per table. Plus wine on each table and water. The platters didn't even fit on the tables. I had 12 servers because we had to go back and forth to each table multiple times. Then they wanted seconds and we had to do it all again. We did have food left over based on 4 ounces per person since they had 4 entrees. They used their friends rental company...
There is a restaurant that is only open for certain hours on certain days in the South Phoenix area. Try checking with them. My friend uses them when she has big events. They charged her $37.50 per hour but you can negotiate that with them depending on how often you want to use it. It is called Ross' Cooked and Hooked on Broadway. He is pretty nice, his wife is a bit picky, just reassure them you are not flaky. Ask for Mr. Ross. The other place I saw it on Craigslist...
There is one in old town Pasadena, but I cannot remember the name. Someone else had told me about that one. There is one off of Robertson in LA, but a lot of people use that one. I will try and find the info for you.
I am a caterer, but I use to be in accounting. Finance wise Quickbooks Pro is excellent. I even taught my brother, and if you new my brother you would know that it's an incredible feat. If you go on ebay I have seen catering software on there for cheap. I don't know how good it is, I just know it is cheap and does catering invoices. For around $200.00/300.00 you can get the software at Sam's club or Costco it's cheaper or you can go to Staples and check the Prices...
I saw a company on ebay that is located in Nevada, there is also another one in Georgia. I am not sure where you are located, but the one in Nevada had different options. Go on ebay and check out Concession Trailers.
I'd take a cambro over a carlisle or a rubbermaid any day. They are durable and awesome. I got most of mine on ebay for less.
There is a kitchen that is used by other caterers in Pasadena. I can't remember the name but do a search online. It's a commercial Kitchen for about $35.00 an hour.
Hi, Can anyone refer me to an insurance company that provides liability insurance for different venues. I was asked to be a preferred caterer at two banquet facilities (one in California and One in Arizona) but they require liability insurance. Please Help and thanks! Pualani
Please email me at: note2note@cox.net and let me know where exactly you are located. I am in the City of Industry thanks!
Hi Everyone, I am looking for a part-time/hourly commercial or catering kitchen to rent/share in California and Arizona. I do a lot of on site catering but need a kitchen for special events that wont allow me to cook on site. I am new to the Phoenix area in Arizona and will consider surrounding areas like Scottdale, Tempe and Mesa. I am also looking in Los Angels County area and Riverside and San Bernadino county areas in California. We are mostly busy on weekends...
New Posts  All Forums: