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In my experience: - For commercial convection oven, I get better result when I bake them around 285-300 degrees, definitely not under 285 degrees. - Too much air will cause hollow shells. Making sure to deflate all the air in the batter when folding in the meringue. - The thiner the mat, the higher the foot. This means parchment paper will give a higher foot, compare to silicone mat. - For 1.5" macarons, I normally bake them at 300 degrees for 10-13 minutes. For bigger...
Hubby made turkey paillard, roasted brussel sprouts and twice baked potatoes. I made a chocolate strawberry opera cake. :)        
I like that the induction zones transfer heat to the cookware very fast. There're no open flames and the surface remains cool to the touch where the magnetic isn't activated. There're 2x3200W wit booster, 1x1400W and 2x1.8KW.    
Here's my new kitchen. :)    
I just checked their website, they're still open. Thank you. :)
Thank you, guys!
I'm planning to visit DC around Christmas, and looking for good local food there. Any recommendations would be great, thanks!!  
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