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I've been involved recently caring for people in very similar situations in a nursing home, where many are undergoing palliative care.  She is lucky to have you caring for her to make her time remaining as interesting as  possible foodwise - it really does become a challenge to keep what she can eat interesting.  Really good advice from all here, and I know our hearts are with you in this.   As time progresses the meals will become thinner, more finely strained, and...
So, you think the skimming needs to be done at 23:47, right?  Which takes 4 mins if your simmering for 9 mins starts at 23:51 means you take it out of the water at 00:00?  But then, 51 -47  = only 4 mins...23:47 + 9 mins = 23:56.  Then 4 mins to skim.  Take out of stock.   That's the mistake here I think. Follow the steps as they are but change the 23:51 to 23:56.   Hope this makes sense and helps.   DC
Hmm, maybe they would pass the CIA exam for techniques.  But consider - if they've been making it their clumsy way for years, and the customers are paying for it, and they are still in business - what does it matter?  I'm sure they're not pretending to be anything they're not.   Just my 5c worth
The omathies....That does look....interesting  Maybe they have inner beauty.   BTW - do they taste well?  I'm guessing the recipe's been around a long long time, so there must be something of a saving grace.  You must have tasted them to make your mother and grandmother happy, at least, even you have offalphobia.  (Hmm, new word for Wikipedia)
How long does it take to eat that much meat?  I'd buy an amount that suits what you or you and your household would eat in 6 months.  You also need to be sure that the meat is prepared and frozen properly etc - of these things I know little, maybe someone else could chip in.   Personally, whether its my imagination or not, I think it does loose a little flavour.  I prefer not having to thaw it as my personal preference, but then again the big savings in buying bulk...
MicStone: I think what was meant is "always" not "ever"   Cooking at home I have to keep the stock on a separate burner to keep it hot, just at a simmer.  If it gets cold, the result is not very good.  Rice still hard, not just al dente-  in the middle and gooey on the outside.  Yuk.
Anchovies Rule!   Gotta have 'em on a pizza Gotta have 'em on grilled cheese toast Gotta have 'em in a Caesar Gotta have 'em on a hard boiled egg Gotta have 'em with a fork straight from the jar!   Just gotta have 'em   Believe it or not, no fish were harmed in last night's dinner.  Just simple wet rubbed roast chook & winter veg,gravy from pan juices.  Chook again tonight but on boiled rice with something green.  The green is my token healthy attempt.
Oh you guys think time differences are awkward - try it from here! I'm anywhere from 9 to 13 hours ahead...and usually the only member here. "Waaaaah!!" as Lucille Ball would say :P   Hey, I wonder if that means I can see things before they happen...hmmm naaah.
Veal Chop - rare, fluffy long grain rice cooked in chicken stock, sauteed mushroom in red wine sauce,  Heaven!
Hi Thebeloved,   That recipe sounds pretty much spot on, it's roughly how long mine take.  Just remember to add any salt at the end of cooking or it will make the peas tough rather than turning to mush, I think.  Well, that's what's done with dried beans, so I'm assuming it;s the same.   DC
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