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Life without salt...just imagine.   I agree with FF on this.  Asian cooking haas enough salty ingredients without adding more, it's basically a vehicle to carry the other flavours.  Same as cous cous and various other starches.   If I'm using the rice to go with say, a nice hearty stew or casserole, those sort of things, I will salt the water.  Unless you're a real salt monkey and go bananas (pun intended) with the salt, it won't make a huge difference IMO to the...
I think the best way to find out is to try it.  Separate them all out by colour and see if you can notice the difference.  I'm guessing that the flavours of the three would mix during storage, so if you can buy them separately, give that a go.  I think the green are meant to be milder and just for dressing, not so much for their heat.  Black, well, it tastes like black pepper.  Red - I have no idea.  Play around with them and see how that goes.  Good luck!
When we lived in farmland in Tasmania, there was a chicken farm nearby, free-range, where you could just pop in to get them, or at the local sunday farmer's market.  The colour of the yolk was gorgous, not like the insipid store bought caged eggs.  And lots of double yolkers too.  The taste and freshness of these eggs was superb.   Now we've moved to a larger city on the big island, and these sort of eggs are not easily available.  The stores label the as free range,...
Good thread.  I'm Latvian in heritage and so naturally much of the russian cuisine crosses the border.  I love the consommes, both clear beef and chicken ones, garnishes by tiny pieces of vegetables.  Lots of work but the result is amazing.   Also a favorites are Piroshki/ Piraks.  My great aunt would make them by the basket load and they'd be gone in a flash.  She used a cabbage and bacon filling - soo nice.   Terribly healthy this one and I'm sure not native to...
Hey Ed,   Your comment on removing the sulphur from onions perked my interest.  I am most definitely allergic to it and the next time could be my last.   But,  I can eat onions not treated as you mentioned till the cows come home (and long after) with no ill effect.  Same goes for leeks garlic etc etc.  Maybe I'm just odd.  Is there someothing else that is common to the onion family that could be causing either an allergic reaction/ sensitivity?   Interesting....   DC
Forget the cheese....drink the champagne :D
hmmmm the eternal dilema.  I like cannisters for rice, sugaar, coffee tea etc which will stack safely - I use plastic but it looks like glass so if the lot topples over it won't hurt anything.  And think about hanging rails with hooks - gotta love them.  Clean out your cupboards - anything you haven't used for a year, donate it or give to a friend in need of it.  It's a bit like clothes - you keep them for the "what if" day or out of sentimental value.   My pantry...
Siduri- you rock.  Glad you came out safe.  The world needs more of you!  DC
Eastshores....thanks for your reply.  It's just how I would do it.  No I didn't watch the video, as I have limited time online.  I appreciate your opinion.  So, it's pretty much a matter of taste as to what people would like to produce, and we should all be allowed our own opinions. 
Agreeing with the stove top burner for domestic use....no rinsing please!!!!   May as well just fry them... a few minutes under cling wrap will peel those li'l suckers, I reckon they are better with a bit of black on them....yum yum
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