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I'm sorry, but unsurprised, to be late in offering you my felicitations. Many happy returns of the day!
Thank you very much, bigbuns! -- there's nothing quite like a tried and true family recipe. :D I look forward to trying it!
I'm looking for a good recipe for New England Brown Bread. The ones I'm finding call for graham flour and I don't think the Price Cutter carries that...
This is my friend Eric's version. Me? No, I'm really quite simple. Eric's Command Performance pot roast Ingredients 1) Big hunka beef chuck ( blade cut 7 bone about 3lbs ) 1) Buncha little red potatoes ( the size of pearl onions ) washed but unpeeled 1) Small bag of peeled baby carrots ( or turned carrots if you got time ) 1) Bunch of Scallions ( green onions with the tops on ) 1) Big bag of mushrooms ( at least a pound... assorted preferably... tasty ones...
It's on my list to purchase. I have other books of hers......and watching the tribute and reading about her experiences while writing the book have really made me want my own copy.
I thought I'd find a dandy recipe for you in the Cheese Lover's Cookbook and Guide. It surprised me greatly to find 2 out of 3 recipes based on Velveeta (processed cheese). I don't actually object to Velveeta - it really makes a pretty decent nacho cheese dip in my opinion. But not everyone shares that opinion. The book had one recipe that might suit. As with the recipe you found, it has cornstarch in it. 1 small onion, unpeeled and quartered 3 cloves garlic,...
I always loved Julia. She was never elitest about food. I credit her with bringing cooking to people like me. Just the average person who enjoys good food and wants to learn to make it. Long may her legacy live on. I was 32 when I started cooking; up until then, I just ate. ~Julia Child
The New American Chef looks really interesting. I like the idea of learning about the foundation of different cuisines - with the techniques that may allow me to make a decent result. What do you think about the ingredients? Are the things they are suggesting realistically available in middle America or are the better left to New York and San Fransisco? Anyway, I'm looking forward to your review. Jeffrey Steingarten's book sound really interesting. I haven't read...
I haven't bought a new cookbook in nearly two years (terribly shocking, I know). I was so looking forward to Isabelle's enthusiastic recommendations when I stuck my head in here tonight. I see that she has been gone nearly since the time of my last visit. Has anyone heard from her? Know that she's okay? What about other enthusiasts? I'm reading more than I'm cooking these days and have far too many food restrictions - but I still enjoy the read. N
Dayum! Y'all makin me hungry!
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