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I would like to pick up a splash and go water stone in a medium grit range, a general all purpose stone. The stone may be used as a lead in to a finer , yet to be determined stone.   My knives are Germans, Forschners, and Mac's.  I also have a few pocket knives that are some of the newer alloys, but not the high-end exotics.  In decending order of importance :   Splash and go ( 2-3 minute soak is fine) Fast Cutting Slow dishing Ease of...
BDL, thank you for the response.  At this point it would be very much a meat counter project.  I'm assuming that if I use a "lesser quality" fat it will have more pork rather than a neutral flavor.  I may just take the coward's way out and mail order a better quality lard.
If I render fat from fresh pork, is it close enough to lard to use in making a pie crust? I am hoping to make a nice flaky crust, and prefer not to use the hydrogenated type that I can find locally. 
Thank you!
Pohaku,  What is the diameter of the bottom of your 12" de Buyer pan?
I have very little experience with water stones, but have been following the discussions for some time  with an eye toward purchasing.  I have flattened King brand waterstones using drywall screen and at other  times using garnet paper on a granite tile.  I found it a bit tedious to flatten them, but the longest I ever spent was probably 2 -3 minutes.  What would be considered typical amount of time flattening a Bestor using drywall screen?  75 minutes seems like too...
The tribute gator grip handle doesn't simply come off, it is molded onto the handle.  I have one pan that the silicone was damaged on the end so I removed it--in pieces.  The handle under the silicone is nearly identical to the non gator grip plated flat handle except for one small difference.  The gator grip handle has a 5/16 x1/2 hole in the handle about 2 inches from the rim of the pan  that the silicone covering anchors onto.  I should mention that the silicone cover...
My wife's Mac superior knives are a LOT older than 5 years.  The knives get a lot of use around here, and the graphics are still perfectly fine. The blades have scuffs and scratches, The handles are sort of a dingy brown as compared to my 3 year old Pro gyuto, but about the same color as her 40 year old, give or take, Mac original which has no graphics.  My gyuto looks pretty much like it did new.
If you have stores like Tuesday Morning or TJ Maxx in your area, check them out.  I got my Henckels 10" Pro S at one for $50.  I have  also seen a 12" Henckels four or five star (the one with the regular looking plastic handle)  for $50.  I rather like the Henckels especially after rounding the spine and sculpting the finger guard for comfort.  I don't use it a lot, but use it for all medium to heavy tasks including whacking off the ends of turkey drumsticks prior to...
Jacques Pepin, please.
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